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Dj / producer Dunya is more than a dj, on stage musicians, dancers and a vj join him to make it a concert not to forget. With his complete burlesque, vaudeville show Dj Dunya proves to be more then the usual disc jockey.

He started playing over 10 years ago on an international level. He took off as a World Music DJ and broke true with mixing up vintage elements and electronic beats. He has played in many countries, like Turkey, Bali, Morocco and all around Europe. Playing on festivals like Polé Polé and Tomorrowland.

Dunya means World in all its forms and rhythms. Lately his goal is to bring a powerful and balanced mix of the best tunes and grooves one can find, in order to achieve a transcended experience through music.


Dj Dunya performed at events like: Tomorrowland, Mano Mundo, Mekitburn festival, Casablanca festival, Polé Polé, Radio Ultra Modern, Cafe d’Anvers, Culture Club, Magic Mirrors & many more

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Dunya Live band

This is the newest project of Dunya. With his live band, dunya performs on stage with Belgian most skilled musicians. You can expect sexy vocals, swinging horns, bluesy harmonica and pumping beats.

In the studio the Dunya Live Band is working on their first full album. Stay tuned as more news will follow in 2013.

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